Wildlife at Fripp Island

fripp baby alligatorFripp Island is a wildlife sanctuary and the home of hundereds of species of birds, deer, alligators, fish and turtles. Almost everywhere you look, you can see some sort of wildlife moving around just about any time of the day or night. There is an abundance of natural food for the animals to feed on year around.

Feeding or harassing alligators in South Carolina is unlawful and carries a steep fine. Keep your children and pets well away from the edges of lagoons.



buck at fripp

The deer at Fripp are managed by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. You will notice that many of the female deer have red or yellow tags in their ears. The tags identify the deer and whether or not they have had their shots. The DNR come out to Fripp every fall to count the deer and inspect the physical health of the deer population.

Remember that these deer may seem sweet, friendly and hungry, but they are wild animals with “flight or fight senses” and can easily cause a serious injury to an adult or child without any warning. Please do not feed the deer. Feeding, hunting or trapping deer on Fripp Island is unlawful.