Fripp Island Resort Phone Numbers

fripp island ocean point





Security: (843) 838-2334

Restaurants and Lounges
19th Hole: (843) 838-1509
Beach Club Restaurant: (843) 838-1510
Oceanview Lounge: (843) 838-1510
Bonito Boathouse: (843) 838-1506
Cabana Club: (843) 838-1598
Food Court: (843) 838-1513
Marina Deli: (843) 838-1517
Ocean Point Grille: (843) 838-1508

Activity Center: (843) 838-1516
Fitness Center: (843) 838-1511
Island Excursions Rentals: (843) 838-1518
Marina Ship Store: (843) 838-1517
Racquet Club: (843) 838-1504
Ocean Point Golf Links: (843) 838-1521
Ocean Creek Golf Club: (843) 838-1576

Resort Services
Club Office & Business Center: (843) 838-1528
Group Sales Office: (843) 838-1507
Housekeeping: (843) 838-1520
Maintenance: (843) 838-1515
Reservations: (843) 838-3535

Fripp Island Club Amenities:
Ocean Point Grille is a casual dining facility that serves breakfast, lunch and snacks and is located at the Ocean Point Golf Complex.
Beach Club Restaurant is located in the center of the island in the Beach Club complex. It is an elegant seaside dining experience and reservations are required.
Bonito Boathouse Restaurant is located at the Fripp Island Marina and serves dinner nightly in a casual waterside atmosphere.
The 19th Hole in the Ocean Creek Club House is a great quick stop for a sandwich, hotdog, snack or beverage before or after your round of golf.
Food Court located in the Beach Club complex offers pizza, salads, fried chicken, ice cream, quesadillas, burritos, and much more.
The Cabana Club Restaurant serves lunch at our premier family pool complex overlooking three pools, Pritchard’s Island and Skull Inlet.

Golf Cart Registration
Call FIPOA Security (843) 838-2334 to schedule an appointment to register your golf cart. Golf carts that are not registered may not be operated on the roadways of Fripp Island and are subject to being stopped.
Golf carts being operated on the POA roadways must be insured and have, at a minimum, a rearview mirror, headlights, taillights and brake lights. Low Speed Vehicles being operated on the POA roadways must be insured and have, at a minimum, headlights, taillights, brakelights, turn signals, reflex reflectors, parking brake, windshield, rearview mirror and seatbelts.
Golf carts and Low Speed Vehicles being operated on the roadways could be issued a POA summons for operating an unlicensed motorized vehicle under Section 1, Subsection (i) that carries a $50.00 fine.
Golf carts and Low Speed Vehicles brought to the island by non-owners must pay a $50.00 registration fee within 24 hours of arrival ($300.00 fine for not registering). ATV’s are not allowed. ($300.00 fine & $25.00 impound fee).