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Fireworks at Fripp

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Fireworks at Fripp July 4th 2013

Fripp Island FireworksThis year’s fireworks display at Fripp Island was spectacular! The fireworks show began just after 9:00pm from Ocean Point’s number 8 fairway. There were many fun designs and shapes that lit up the Fripp sky. Here are some of the images captured from the show.



fripp fireworks red clustersfripp fireworks blue clusterfripp fireworks white flowerfripp fireworks blue purple flowerfripp fireworks white clusterfripp fireworks red trailsfripp fireworks white blue flower




Candice Glover Rocks!

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Candice Glover Get’s It Done

Candice-Glover-American-IdolThe first time I met Candice, we talked about her love to sing and perform. Candice is such a humble person. I am always impressed by how down to earth and normal she is. There is alot of buzz going on around Fripp and Lady’s Island about Candice. All of the local businesses and shops have her poster and home made signs in their windows. The local public elementary school has a row of “We Love You Candice” signs that follow the edge of the street. There are even large banners showing support for Candice at city hall.

It is really nice to see someone as talanded and deserving as Candice to participate and perform on American Idol. She will likely get a recording contract, regardless of if she wins or not; She is already a winner to me.

You can check out Candice’s website here.