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Top 10 Things To Do When its Raining at Fripp Island

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Top 10 Things To Do When Raining at Fripp Island

Fripp Island Ocean Point Golf Course 17th FairwaySo you are on vacation and having fun at the pool, surfing at the beach and playing golf and tennis. But what are you gonna do when it rains 4 inches during your perfect vacation? We have interviewed dozens of Fripp vacationers and here are their top things to do when raining.


1) Sleep

2) Make Brownies

3) Play Cards

4) Read the blog! :)

5) Watch a Movie

6) Ride Your Bike in the Rain

7) Read a Book

8) Eat

9) Clean the House

10) Go for a Golf Cart Ride

Fripp on the 4th

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Fripp Island life on the 4th of July 2013

Fripp Island July 4th 2013 Parade - Fripp Fire & RescueJuly is the by far the most active month on Fripp Island. Almost every home and golf cart is rented and the pools and beach are covered with families. The fireworks are always amazing and if you don’t get a tie dyed t shirt, you are missing out. Several thousand spectators lined the streets of Fripp this morning to watch 70+ themed golf carts parade thru the center of the island. This year’s theme was “cartoons”. See if you can recognize some of these cartoon characters. Thanks to Fripp Island Patrol for orchestrating another successful parade!

Click on the thumbnail to see the full size image.

fripp island Fripp Island July 4th 2013 Parade - TomaterFripp Island July 4th 2013 Parade -
Fripp Island July 4th 2013 Parade - The EndFripp Island July 4th 2013 Parade - Tarpon ViewFripp Island July 4th 2013 Parade - steam boat willie
Fripp Island July 4th 2013 Parade - SmurfsFripp Island July 4th 2013 Parade - Scooby Doo!Fripp Island July 4th 2013 Parade - Mickey & Minnie Mouse
Fripp Island July 4th 2013 Parade - MadigascarFripp Island July 4th 2013 Parade - Loony ToonesFripp Island July 4th 2013 Parade - Kazoo
Fripp Island July 4th 2013 Parade - FlinstonesFripp Island July 4th 2013 Parade - Dr SuseFripp Island July 4th 2013 Parade - Barefoot Bubbas

Spring Tide Market Opens New Deli and BBQ

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Spring Tide Market Now Offers Deli Sandwiches and BBQ

Spring Tide SandwichThanks to the good folks at Spring Tide Market, the locals at Fripp now have a new choice when it comes to lunch and dinner. The Spring Tide Market just opened a new deli in the back of the market that offers great hand sliced sandwiches and hand pulled BBQ.

Best of all, you don’t need a club card to eat here.

Family Fun Top 10

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Top 10 Fun Things to do at Fripp

So now that you are here at Fripp, what are you going to do? That’s easy! We’ve talked to the locals here on Fripp and have come up with the “Top 10 Things to do” list. Here we go…

1) Go for a golf cart ride

golf cart ride

Fripp is a golf cart friendly community. You can drive from one end of the island to the other in about 20-30 minutes. You can spend an easy hour checking out the local birds, deer, alligators, turtles and other wildlife here on Fripp. We have golf cart safety rules that are enforced by local law enforcement. Driving any motorized vehicle on the road requires a drivers license and insurance. If you get caught letting your kids drive from your lap, it will cost you a $200.00 state fine.

2) Take a walk on the beach

Fripp has 3 miles of natural beach. Since Fripp is a state registered wildlife preserve, the beaches here are not groomed. Everything is in it’s natural state to support the wildlife ecosystem. Depending on what time of year you are visiting Fripp, you could see a multitude of natural sea life on the beach. You could easily spend several hours looking at all of the shells on the beach. If you are lucky enough, you may even spot a dolphin barreling close to the shore. Bring your camera and sunscreen.

3) Ride a bike

Riding a bike with your kids or friends is a great way to take some of the beauty at Fripp. There are miles of bike paths and family friendly roads that you can safely and slowly ride on. If you forgot your bike or if your rental house did not come with one, you can rent from Excursions. (guest card required)

4) Sharks teeth hunting at Hunting

There are thousands of petrified sharks teeth on the beach at Hunting Island. Several years ago the state pumped sand from the ocean floor onto the beach in an effort to save the eroding shoreline at Hunting. As a result, sharks teeth that have been buried under the ocean floor have resurfaced onto the beach at Hunting. They are mostly petrified and fun to find.

5) Go fish

Did you know that the fishing season runs all year long at Fripp Island? There are tons of fish that live in the Fripp Inlet, the canal, the beach and off the pier. Grab your fishing pole and some fresh bait from the Marina and catch yourself some dinner! You can also enjoy crabbing with a string and chicken bone or use a crab basket. Please do not fish in the ponds on the golf course.

6) Rent a boat

boat rental fripp

Renting a skiff from the Excursions office is fun and easy. All you need is a club card, your sunscreen, a few snacks and you can spend hours exploring all of the curves and swerves in the marsh and inlet. Dolphins will play right next to your boat and you are sure to see many types of large birds.



7) Play golf or tennis

running buck at fripp

Fripp has two championship golf courses, each with their own natural beauty and difficulty. Ocean Point offers well seasoned greens and fairways with breathtaking views of the ocean. Ocean Creek provides a narrow and challenging course with beautiful sunsets and marsh views. Please hit to the left on Ocean Point’s #17; there are several families with children who live at the turn.


8) Go for a swim

The Fripp Club maintains six swimming pools during the season. Each pool offers something different, depending on what you are looking for. The kid’s pool for toddlers up to 8 years old is located at the Cabana on the south east end of the Island. The Adult pool is near the middle of the island and is for 21 years or older. No coolers are allowed.

The Olympic pool is just next door to the Adult pool and is also the deepest pool on Fripp. Most of the teens hang out here. And of course, you can always hit the beach for a swim. Just keep an eye out for the current and the people in your group. Please also pick up your trash at the pools and beach. There are many trash cans available.

9) Fly a kite

There is plenty of room on the beach to fly a kite. There is usually always a breeze, bring plenty of string.

10) Watch the sunrise or sunset

sunrise at fripp

The sunset is amazing at Fripp Island. You can get some great photos from on the beach or near the south east end of the island. Many people have never thought about seeing the sunrise, but it is truly just as amazing. You can see the sunrise from the Ocean Point’s 18th fairway.